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Rituals for Healing


all wounds heal differently…

As I go through this process of relearning and understanding the science behind Naturopathic medicine, I want a space to share the rituals of health that I incorporate into my life daily. I want to share the knowledge as I learn it. I want to remind others our healing process doesn’t belong to anyone else. We often trust doctors to be experts. But our bodies are the ones with the knowledge and my goal is to learn to speak their language and give them the tools each person individually needs is key to a healthy life. Sometimes these tools are more metaphysical than conventional medicine would encourage us to believe. But I’m okay with pushing boundaries, asking more complex questions and finding deeper answers.


This space serves to create eduction on various healing modalities outside of conventional medicine taking into account integrative health and the science operating within each of us. Through daily rituals we can improve ourselves and our overall health.

Various topics I’ll be covering include;

As this journey continues annual wellness retreats will be included as well. >>> Read blog here.