Phoenix Photographer + Artist.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Lind Schutsky but you can call me Jenn.

I’m a local Artist and Photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.  My inspiration comes from the juxtaposing urban and desert environments + a little bit of magic.  I have a passion for documenting the sacred moments in life including weddings, births, pregnancy and religious events.  But I also believe life is what we make it so celebrating a random Tuesday is just as important and semi-annual portraits are pretty special too. I knows how important lifetime milestones are and wants to curate the perfect story for you to remember these important human experiences.

Jenn Kauai 2018

I take portraits and document life experiences.

‘Working with Jenn is a delight. She has an eye for capturing detail while also being able to gently direct you, if you need. She makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Her photos are stunning and I've always been beyond happy with the whole experience and outcome. Would recommend 10/10’

-Emily Cowley 


I capture human emotion & life changes.

‘Jenn came into my home a week after my baby was born and it felt like my friend came over to lend a helping hand. We went on with our morning as if nothing were any different and ended up with the most beautiful photos we will cherish forever.’ 

-Pashlee Grimmett

I observe families and tell their story.

‘Jennifer is a pleasure to work with. I love having a photographer who puts you at ease and listens to you. I gave Jennifer a vibe and she ran with it. I was thrilled when she (quickly!) delivered beautiful photos I can treasure forever!’

-Stephanie Sparer 


I document gatherings of humans.

My favorites are rights of passage, rituals and religious events.


All images copyright Jennifer Lind Schutsky 2018.

just a few random facts:

  • My business model is 37% capturing an image, 30% exploring and building creative relationships with amazing clients, 20% editing, 9% business and excel sheets, 3% making it up as I go along, and 1% pure magic.

  • I like crystals, the moon, tea and traditions.

  • I eat mostly vegetarian.    

  • I care about the planet more than profit.

  • If I’m not creating, I’d rather be camping.