Phoenix Photographer + Artist.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Lind Schutsky but you can call me Jenn.

I’m a local Artist and Photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.  My inspiration comes from the juxtaposing urban and desert environments + a little bit of magic.  I have a passion for documenting the sacred moments in life including weddings, births, pregnancy and religious events.  I knows how important these lifetime milestones are and wants to curate the perfect story for you to remember these important human experiences.

Jenn Kauai 2018

I take portraits and document life experiences.


I capture human emotion & life changes.

I observe families and tell their story.


I document gatherings of humans.

My favorites are rights of passage, rituals and religious events.


All images copyright Jennifer Lind Schutsky 2018.

just a few random facts:

  • My business model is 37% capturing an image, 30% exploring and building creative relationships with amazing clients, 20% editing, 9% business and excel sheets, 3% making it up as I go along, and 1% pure magic.

  • I like crystals, the moon, tea and traditions.

  • I eat mostly vegetarian.    

  • I care about the planet more than profit.

  • If I’m not creating, I’d rather be camping.