Sara + Matt

I’ve known Matt and Sara for years, and Sara has trusted me as I’ve grown as a photographer from the very beginning, she was there when we were doing $10 pop up mini sessions at a local park. Fast forward 5 years later and she’s still trusting me to capture annual family photos. She’s gone through some astonishing transformations over the past year, and she is quite literally glowing in these images. And just seeing the way Matt looks at her, it was an honor to capture these photos for them. We had a lot of fun just walking around downtown phoenix for a bit hunting for murals. This place has a lot of history for us, as we met through hardcore shows downtown. Matt was in a band at the time, so when we heard Revolver Records was closing we knew we needed to stop in and capture a few historic images before the place is presumably torn down for more apartments. It was a blast to follow them around and document their joy + find tiny nooks to stick them in for more posed photos. And what husband and wife duo don’t need their own album cover? I mean, come on.