Phoenix Family Session

I love photographing people outside. I love the Phoenix mountains and local gardens. And when it comes to families with small children, I find lush green parks are my favorite place to photograph them. The kids run around in the open air, the babies and/or toddlers crawl and roam the grass. It’s just so fun an peaceful. Whenever I’m documenting a family, I try to capture the in between, not just when I have them slightly posed or prompted but those moments the kids are ‘mis’behaving or mom feels like she needs to fix their hair, that’s the connection I want to capture. I’ll get photos they can frame too, but what I really want is the moment dad picks up baby to make her laugh not just the photo of her smiling at the camera, you know? This session was one of those, the wild child big brother in all his joy and personality, mama looking gorgeous AF and loving her partner and daughter fiercely.