Biology; Study of Life

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Biology translates from latin to the study of life.

And if we’re paying attention to the world around us, we’re participating in the study. We might not know the organisms at a microscopic level but that’s microbiology. And of course there’s biochemistry which is the study of the chemical reactions within the body and while those all play into the overall topic of biology, I want this space to encourage others to spend their time observing themselves and the world around them, I don’t necessarily want it to fit into a nice neat university driven box. There is definitely a time and place for that, but there’s also benefits to just observing, listening, hypothesizing, testing, theorizing, and especially peer review. We actually can do this every day within our own bodies. We can observe what we eat, how we feel, we can hypothesize what changes might help or hurt us, and we can use this information to better ourselves and our families.

I want to demystify the illusion of science. It’s not hard or scary or overwhelming, sometimes the way it’s presented is challenging for those without advanced medical or scientific schooling. It was something I was challenged with as a new mom. I ‘couldn’t understand’ medication, side effects, contraindications or even basic vaccine ingredients because I didn’t have the education for it. This is what led me to the conclusion I needed to go back to school. My husband with B.S. Physiology + Chemistry teacher said to me once, “Thank god, women don’t have to understand [intellectually] what’s happening to make a baby,” implying that I would have somehow messed up the ingredients or baking time. And while that specific out of context fight/conversation stuck with me for many years to come, it wasn’t his in the moment hurtful comment it was the realization he was completely ignoring a basic concept. Women and their bodies do 100% KNOW on a cellular level exactly how to make babies and not just babies every vital process of existing. WE KNOW IT. Our bodies know it. Our DNA knows it. And this realization was the catalyst to encouraging me to learn more. Because if this was true, not only for baby making, what else was it true for? What other tiny cellular processes were my body completely evolutionarily aware of that I was missing on a conscious level?

I don’t want any man, woman or child to feel how I felt in that conversation. I want them to know both cellularly and intellectually what is happening in their bodies, why and how. And if we can’t explain it with science then documenting, studying and analyzing until we can.

Biology isn't just a science, it's a study of life, how observation and what we learn from it can help heal us.