Rocco Caspian Newborn

One of my greatest honors as a photographer is documenting new life. Sometimes it’s a birth, and sometimes it’s a few days after, it doesn’t matter how soon the family is ready to take photos after welcoming a new member into their home, the point is they want it documented. Because being a new mom is well, new even if you’ve already done it before. So when this mama asked me to capture their new family dynamic and beautiful new baby I happily agreed.

Mama is a home birthing badass who resonates pure magic. I loved all the touches of nature within her home, I tried to capture who they are as a family and as individuals. I wanted to show their love for each other and the things they’re proud of. The favorite stuffed animals of the big brothers, the newness of baby brother, the connection between mom and dad, it’s all unique to this family and this moment in their lives. I hope I captured that for them.