Megan + Chris

y’all. Engagement / couples / romantic AF sessions are my jam. It’s kind of a big deal when someone asks you to document their love. like, sure let me just creep in the bushes while you guys tell each other how much you love each other and please make out so I can photograph that too. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to remember how being in love felt 1 year into the relationship, 5 years, 10 years later, 50 years later. There’s no perfect time to capture the love between two people, the best time to do document your relationship is while you’re in it. A Tuesday, 6 months in, 3 years together, after a break up and when you get back together. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you felt the need to remember that moment, how it felt to be held in your partners arms and when you look at your photos I want you to remember the sweet whispers he told you in your ear when my shutter snapped. I want you to remember the smell of her hair as I posed you together. I want you to remember the sky as the sun set that evening. And the smell of the desert. There’s a million engagement photos on the internet, every pinterest has posing techniques, I’m not about that. I’m about bringing out who you are with each other while I hide and make small suggestions. There’s only one day, one hour, one moment when you held each other like this, in this surrounding, with your eyes on each other. That’s the story I want to tell, who you are together.