Stephanie + Mike

This past weekend I documented an evening with two of my favorite engaged humans. When Stephanie asked me to be her wedding photographer I knew I couldn’t say no. because if I did, I’d be at their wedding and we’d both judging anyone else trying to capture their special day. {kidding!…sort of} She’s my other media half, she’s the writer & I’m the illustrator. We have the up most respect for each other’s creative processes and I knew she’d trust my weird and let me get as creative as I wanted. So, when brainstorming the engagement session with her, we decided to go to a few of their favorite places and hope we wouldn’t get kicked out. First stop on our adventure was Lux, a weekend breakfast date spot and chronic work week caffeine station for us independent creatives. Free wifi and espresso whipped cream to get all the work done! And after picking up a few snacks and shots, we drove over to the Arizona Biltmore for a few sunset photos on the resort lawn. A sentimental site for Stephanie with family that used to live there and relatives who stayed and hosted events there, she’s got a lot of connection to the space. Luckily, no one stopped us from exploring all the secret nooks, including the mystery room. The mystery room is located on the second floor and was home to a secret prohibition era nook with fireplace and double exit. Scroll down to see all the Adventure and Architecture from the session.

All images copyright Jennifer Lind Schutsky LLC 2019

About these images; all images were shot without flash and edited with custom presets designed by Jennifer Lind Schutsky.

Equipment List for this session includes;

  • Canon 5D Mark III

  • Canon 5D Mark IV

  • Canon 2.8 24-70mm Lens

  • Canon 1.2 50mm Lens