Savanna Senior Session

When Savanna asked me to take her photos in celebration of her graduating ASU, I cold hardly contain my excitement! I love senior session and honestly documenting the pure joy of accomplishing a big task is what I live for as a photographer. I remember photographing a wedding recently and during the getting ready portraits the mom and bride to be were talking. A family member couldn’t be there because he or she was graduating from college. During the conversation the mom was like, I’m so proud of you and this is such a big accomplishment and all that wonderful kindness and it came up about the person not being able to attend and I’ll never forget the bride turning to her family and saying , ‘yeah, well. anyone can get married, it takes skill to get a degree’ and that has stuck with me for months. Like yes, weddings are also my favorite to capture but like there are other events in our lives that take different kinds of work and energy and those deserve to be celebrate too. So, Savanna, congratulations on accomplishing this milestone! And, you’re amazing! I’m not surprised you crushed your goals and I’m so excited to see what else you accomplish!