Emily | Goddess Henna

Merging both of my creative passions, henna + photography, I’ve decided to start offering Goddess sessions complete with henna adornment 2-3 days before our photo session to allow for the henna stain to mature. It’s my opinion and vision that each of us has a fierce goddess buried deep within. As we move through this world sometimes she becomes lost, scared, tired, but to call her out and see her reemerge is my life’s work. Henna does this, even if it’s just a temporary reminder. The designs are sacred. The time and space necessary to sit and be present to allow the process to unfold is beautiful and it’s meaningful to me. Emily always trusts me to create whatever comes to me, and I love that creative process, we chat, get inspired and then I draw on her. Sometimes I pull tarot cards. Sometimes I ask for the latest stories in her life. Sometimes clients come to me with specific requests. It’s all part of the process. Lots of my work includes symbolism of the moon, representing phases and cycles. Floral for the feminine. Sacred geometry for math and science upon which life is built. And additional adornments like dots and flares to embellish my designs. For this session we headed up to the mountain nearby my home at sunset to capture the glow of phoenix juxtaposed with the blooming desert.

What is sacred to you?