But. Like. What is Magic(k)?

magic WR.jpg

Magic is the thread between science and art. It weaves together intuition and intention in the physical realms of observation and expression. 
Magic is the in between the space between science and action. The nook of intuition and inspiration combined with creative forces and meaningful action. 
Magic is not a religion. It’s a recognition of ones own power. It’s self mastery and awareness and interaction with the outside world. 
It’s inspiration and intuition combined with direct action. 
It’s the fringe, the outliers, the non-standard. 
It’s the weird, the socially unacceptable. It’s the space for those who do not fit in conventional practices. Yet do great works for those around them. 
It’s not an enemy to science. It’s the space of wanting to learn more about the physical world but also being okay with not having all the answers all the time and not needing to explain and control everything. Sometimes with knowledge come control. Patriarchy feels the need to control everything. Matriarchy Acknowledges. Changes. Not by controlling others but by controlling herself. 
Magic is an enemy to the patriarchy. It’s the ultra femme. It’s a creative force met with one’s ability to bend reality to their will. Men give it dry definitions:




  1. The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.”

But. Ideas evolve and so do definitions. It’s a word used to remove unseen or inexplicable knowledge of womxn and their power. Witches are the ultimate threat to men. Just the ability to make and do scares the shit out of them. 
Science is the how. Magic is the asking why. We know how life formed and why it works but the deep why is still unknown. It’s the unending why. Each time we pull off a layer and get closer to finding answers there’s more magic waiting for us to keep discovering until we can explain and understand. Always shifting the boundary of science and magic each time. 
The more I know the less I know. 
It’s the rule breakers and the creative thinkers. 
It’s participating in the natural world remembering we are animals too. Animals don’t need to verbalize the definition of an ecosystem because they participate and know what it is through cellular memory and instinct. Yet, through science, we can understand and observe more about our surroundings. 
Animals don’t need to verbalize and analyze their digestive system to know when they hunt and eat they feel full and nourished. There’s magic in that. In their/our instincts. 
Science and Magic aren’t separate. Without the wonder and interest in the world around us we wouldn’t have the awareness we do now. We’d be living robots. Yes, understanding. But, being programmed to respond to knowledge removed of the essence of a person, plant, animal, bacteria, mineral, and/or element. 

Magic is the unseen woven tapestry of knowledge. Intuition. Observation. Analysis. And purposeful action.