The Fool Card

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Where we start.

The Fool.

As I start on my tarot journey, I felt it was important to take time to really articulate what each card means to me, so that I can present that information clearly to my clients and so they can take their reading and interpret them as their own. I may be the fool here, but I actually don’t believe that cards are divine nor is there mystical deities guiding my deck. I believe that all our power comes from within, and I’ve talked about that a bit here and here, but for this post I want to be clear that I believe tarot is a tool that allows us to reflect and see what these cards mean to us, the story is ours, our fears, our desires they come through because we take time to reflect and think about what these themes and stories mean to us in our life. If you are one for divine worship by all means attribute it to a god, goddess or otherwise feel free to practice with your intuition as your guide.

I feel like this card is that nervous energy when you show up on your first day of school, you don’t know what to expect because you literally don’t know anything about what to know about.

This card to me isn’t just a fool as you might degrade or judge, but rather the acceptance of one’s self and what we have to learn. Sometimes entering a new relationship or friendship can seem like a great fit but that’s because we’re foolish and don’t know what to expect. And we would never judge our younger selves for those mistakes because they led us to where we are today. And if you are carrying judgement towards your youthful foolish self just go back further to childhood, no one would blame a child for making foolish mistakes, right? Picture that child or even baby version of yourself and say out loud I forgive you. the release you have from those mistakes will open up for love and acceptance of who you have become. Anyway back to the fool…

Some reflection questions for you to journal about;

  • Where are you allowing yourself to be a little too care free?

  • Do you need to let go and be a little careless?

  • Ignorance is bliss. Where are you finding frustration from always feeling pressured to know the right thing? or everything?

  • Are you starting a new adventure? Journey? Experience? IF so, check in what feelings arise as you think about beginning something new?

  • How do you envision a fool? do you like or dislike those characteristics? What do you have in common with the fool?

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