Full Moon June 2019

The full moon is the completion and culmination of a phase. It’s time to release the expected outcome and embrace all that has happened and be grateful for all you have. I like to take this time to reflect on various aspects of my life and check in, using tarot to guide and prompt me I focus on 4 basic aspects; Personal, Professional, Social and Practical. I’m sure I could break these down further, but this gives me a wide enough range to assess wtf is going on in my life and what I am ready to release or receive depending on the season. Here’s how I read the featured cards:

Personal: King of Wands

To me the King of Wands represents fulfillment of a wish or desire. Wands are the tools we use to manifest what we want into our lives, here the woman (even though this card is masculine energy) stands between the Moon and Sun and between two snakes. Snakes to me represent protection. However, in this deck I know they also represent kundalini and the idea of spiritual energy that lives at our base our root chakra and rises up as we practice movement and breathing in our bodies. We can awaken this inner power and call it to the surface. This process can be scary and damaging if done without guidance and intention, but once we are awoken we can see and achieve so much more clearly and easily. This card shows me I am ready to set out to achieve whatever my vision is, that I have the support around me to do so and that new opportunities come easily to me.

  • Where am I working on awaking? Releasing?

  • Where is duality in my life? Where am I powerful and soft?

  • How do I support my own goals and dreams?

  • Where do I show gratitude for fulfillment of wishes and desires?

Professional: Saturn

This card is unique to this deck and I will say whenever I pull the Saturn card, I’m confronted with mystery and confusion. In the application of professionalism and career, it offers lessons of karma, steadfastness, awareness and trial. Our professions are how we contribute to society. This card is a sign to be aware and listening to what is being presented to us. We will be required to repeat lesson after lesson until we gain the understanding and knowledge and heed the message of our circumstances.

  • What message is being revealed to me on repeat?

  • How am I applying my knowledge to my contribution to society?

  • What is the purpose of my purpose?

  • What trial is changing me to become a fulfillment of myself?

Social : Mercury

Mercury the planet of communication and represents healing though understanding. In this reading, being paired with Saturn in professionalism, I see it as an opportunity to share our experiences with our social circle to see if they have insight into what meanings might be hidden within the lessons we’re learning. But further than that it’s also showing up in an aspect where communication is essential. I love the illustration of this card, because it shows three winged serpents ascending and it’s pretty clear that with our community we can only rise if we’re working together.

  • How am I showing up for my community/partner?

  • What lessons and messages and I sharing with my circle/partner?

  • How am I thanking those around me for listening to my experiences?

  • How am I lifting up those around me?

  • Who do I surround myself with? Those who help me ascend?

& Practical: Strength

This oracle card shows a sycamore leaf over an intricate root system. This card is referring to a time when you may be processing an uncomfortable shift and tap into your own reserve of resilience and strength. The only way out is through. Taking this time to simply ride out the storm and allow it pass is our best bet, we can’t control the weather (or other natural process - as much as we might try). The Sycamore is one of the oldest species of trees on earth and is a reminder that through uncomfortable experiences we grow. And we can hold space for both vulnerability and strength. In fact, it’s with vulnerability we find strength.

For those who find crystals helpful talismans, Labradorite is a helpful stone to visualize strengthen and protecting our personal energies.

  • When do I feel strong?

  • When have I been forced to find my strength?

  • When have I been vulnerable?

  • When have I felt supported?

  • How can I strengthen my roots to feel more grounded?

Additional resources I look towards for Tarot and Astrology: