New Moon July 2019

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Here we are over half way into 2019. With the Summer Solstice under our belts the days are getting shorter and time is on the downward hill, gaining momentum, as we hurl towards a new year. Today, July 2 was the New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Lots of powerful energy and magnified shifts. As a reminder I personally don’t use tarot as a form of divination, more as a tool of self reflection. The cards do have meaning and what we each bring to our internal surface as a response to a card is where the magic happens.

For this New Moon I wanted to focus on the past, what can I release?, the present, what is happening in the now? the future, what can I expect to encounter in the future?

Then I added a card to represent action and one to symbolize a guide.

Past: The Devil

The Devil, though not necessarily a ‘bad’ card, does bring up many emotions for most. Specifically if you have a Christian upbringing or outlook. However, in the world of tarot the Devil merely represents temptation and human desires. Pulling this card for a past meaning might allow us to look at when in our lives we’ve chosen to go after temptation or personal interests and now with the new moon reset, when did that fail us and how can we let that experience go? For me the past is a place of learning, what have I learned from my past and how can it help me in the future?

  • When have I chosen to go after something at all costs?

  • When have I pushed myself past my limits for something I wanted?

  • Did I achieve it? Y/N and can I live with that outcome, or am I still working towards it?

  • What previous action of self interest have failed me and can I let those go?

  • Am I comfortable being selfish?

Present: Five of Wands

This cards holds symbolism of change and breaking free from expectations. It reminds us to push limits and that with restlessness we might find momentum. It’s meaning comes with the numerology associated with 5 meaning the changing of norms. 5 destroys the harmony and stability of 4. Change is here. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself agitated or restless as we find our place in this new arrangement or find our way back into alignment. Now is the time to push limits, because breaking rules is a normal part of the human experience, and it’s healthy and fine as long as we’re not harming others. Going against social norms, to create a better world is how we make a difference.

  • Where do I need to challenge society’s norm?

  • Where do I bring instability to the dynamic?

  • Am I helping to support those doing important social work? if not, where can I start?

  • Where do I find myself anxious or agitated and how can I use that energy to find my own momentum?

Future: Eight of Wands

To me this means we can expect a rapid change to show up in our lives at any given moment. Sometimes finding ourselves blindsiding. It can feel like a lightening strike but really it’s just our own ascension. This card is symbolic for those times when a lot happens in what feels like all at once. Major changes cascading one on top of the other forcing us to rise to the occasion. It can feel like the high highs and low lows all at the same time. You might find yourself anxious, stressed, panicked in those times so prepare for them now by mastering relaxation techniques such as; yoga, breathing, baths, meditation, reading, turning off the TV and noise, and be with it. whatever it is.

The shadow side of this card might be burnout or recklessness.

  • Where can I expect to be overwhelmed in the future?

  • What can I do now to prepare for those stressful times?

  • Am i getting enough rest/nutrients to prepare for major changes? Y/N What habits can I form to help my future self?

  • How am I protecting myself from burnout and overcommitment?

Mantra: '“I meditate through chaos, and find a calm center in the storm.”

Action: The Universe

To me, and as contradictory as it might be to my philisophical outlook on tarot and religion, this card represents soemthing bigger than ourself looking out for us. While it may or may not be a divine being, there is so much outside of our control and what if we can allow those unknowns to support us?

According to my guide book, “This card asks that you trust there is a plan for you surrender phrase questions in a What ifs,” positive way?

  • What if this is all going to work out?

  • What if my bills will be paid on time?

  • What if my kid is getting healthy?

  • What if ______________________thing I’m stressed about works out how I want it to?

Trust yourself to be your best partner in creating a reality of your dreams, allow the universe to show up for the other half, but know you are your own best teammate.

Guide: Phoenix

Through death is rebirth. Most of us know the symbolism of the Phoenix, a mystical bird that ignites itself on fire and then is reborn out of the ashes after the smoke has passed. Those are our souls on fire, through a furnace of change and obstacles, dying and remaking themselves anew. Stronger, Fiercer, Wiser. This one is a little too literal for me this week, with the loss of our beloved dog of 13 years and the birth of my niece all within a week, I have seen first hand what it looks like to lose someone and then welcome someone, without those before us passing, there wouldn’t be room for us to exist, what a gift death is for those in pain, while still holding space for the joy of life.

  • What challenges are trying me at the moment?

  • How can I find the beautify in the loss and the room it creates for the new?

  • Where have I been suffering for so long and what must change?

  • Where can I release to make room for the new?

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