Full Moon July 2019

8 of swords for Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse July 2019

8 of swords for Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse July 2019

This Full Moon was under my radar for whatever reason, maybe I’m tired and overworked. Maybe it’s because the moon amplifies what ever is going on for me. And right now that’s a lot of exhaustion and listening to my body. With Mercury Retrograde a lot of past lessons I thought I’ve learned are back again and turns out I still have plenty of work to do.

We were recently traveling to visit my mom’s family in Michigan, my grandma has Alzheimer’s and it’s getting pretty bad. I wanted to take my small kids and husband back to see the house I used to play in as a child, the field I would run around in and the small island destination from my childhood. I took this trip knowing it would be a bit of a break from the summer struggle that is our Arizona summers. I didn’t realize it would reset me so hard.

I pulled the eight of swords with you in mind & tucked it into my purse for the time on Mackinac Island. I didn’t get a chance to share it with you until after the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn but I wanted to follow up and see what it means to you, and how the energy from the last couple of days has affected you.

Eight of Swords can imply negative thoughts, self-imposed restriction, imprisonment, victim mentality and honestly none of those sound too great, however I trust the cards to call me on my bullshit. So yeah, I’ll be honest and admit I’ve felt trapped in my own skin for the past couple of years in this motherhood role. Some days it’s smooth sailing and others I want to jump overboard. It’s a mild eroding that slowly wearing me down. I find myself in obsessive loops over debt and trying to get ahead, money has always been a trigger for me since my childhood and my dad nagging my mom about credit card debt. Now as a fully functioning adult caught in money tornado with my partner going back to school I feel like I can’t ever get ahead. so yeah we can apply that financial imprisonment to me directly. But thankfully, that’s all self imposed, indentured servitude isn’t legal in the United States anymore and my self imposed restrictions of spending any money on anything for myself including mental health and physical health are making me the victim of my own reality.

  • What about you? Where are you holding negative thoughts?

  • Are you limiting your own bliss by creating unnecessary restrictions for yourself?

  • Not all boundaries are bad, has your own isolation helped or hindered your human experience?

  • Did this full moon mirror any moments of victim mentality? Where you’ve felt trapped but really aren’t?

  • What are you going to do with all this information? How can you shift your perspective to find resolution?

Ancestors and Nature as guides this month.

Ancestors and Nature as guides this month.

In addition to the tarot card I pulled for this full moon, I also set aside two intention cards for this past week.

Ancestors and Nature.

Both of these guides are readily accessible as our ancestors are quite alive in our DNA and Nature is all around us, no matter how hard civilization hopes to remove it as we ourselves are nature. So as we sort through our feelings from this past full moon and look forward, what wisdom or lessons can we learn from our ancestors and from nature?

no really, take 5 minutes to answer that questions.

I’ll go first. I can learn that I need nature to feel calm, I can learn that I may be strong now, or self sufficient but eventually I will need help from others and being kind now to those around me will only help make that process a calm one. I can learn that nature has more options and resources for me, and that by simply being outside immersed in plants and water I might feel relieved and in that find healing and restoration.

a look ahead; Today, Thursday July 18, Mercury moves back into Cancer, which might make things fell a little too personal, but Venus Neptune trine gives you the opportunity to review + re-pattern. ⠀

Tomorrow, Friday, July 19th, Venus opposes Capricorn and you might find yourself a little obsessive + compulsive with love and/or money, but knowing the 8 of swords is coming forward to call us out for our negative thoughts, what if we just observe our feeling about love and money and allow them to float like a cloud above us? oh look there’s my obsession floating away in the sky.

And finally, according to Kristina Wingeier from the flowerlounge podcast, ‘Sunday, July 21st the Mercury Cazimi gives you a flash of insight or healing introspection. You might feel like: "Now I know what I need!"‘ so maybe there is light at the end of this very dark lunar eclipse .

Resources; Lotuswei, Biddy Tarot,

Links for decks used are here and here.

Jennifer Lind Schutsy