New Moon Aug. 2019

New Moon August 2019

If you missed the post to instagram, here was the New Moon Tarot Reading from August 1.

Did this new moon push a hard reset for anyone else? 🌙
I pulled these for you on the dark moon and couldn’t get access to this account because the shadow of mercury in retrograde. But also because my kids kept sneaking my phone and letting the battery die. So. Anyway. I’m here in full now.

About the cards;
3 of Wands - rewards, success, finances. Where are you asking to be rewarded? Make a list the new moon power is still strong. What can you ask for and receive this Leo season? With this card and the direct mercury you may finally see success specifically in work and relationships where communication is essential. Ask and you shall receive.

Let the lamb guide you though honest wisdom. Sit still and be quiet to receive the deepest resonating messages. .

The Outlaw - embody this outlook of rebellion. Laws vs morality. Which is right? Follow your own path to success even if it’s not what others consider best. .
Put the message of these cards together this new moon and Lammas weekend to prepare for what’s to come. Harvest your efforts and plant new seeds. Literally and figuratively.