Full Moon August 2019


Past- Page of Cups.

The Page of Cup corresponds with Venus. Your past inner self may have been exploring your inner self or finding your strength or starting a new endeavor. In this deck, the illustrations of this card have a black obsidian pyramid rising with an ankh which is an ancient Egyptian symbol of a eternal life. The obsidian is a powerful conduit for energy and knowledge but most often used as a protector. It has been to said to act as a cosmic shield against negative energy. Consider this symbolism as strengthening and mama bird instincts protecting her nest.
In the past, you’ve maybe protected yourself in balance and provided a safe safe space for you intuition allowing your instincts sensitivity to expand. There is symbolism in the fertile ground which is a great foundation for us to feel ourselves again and gaining our inner strength. You may have found it easy to say no in the past and also found the confidence to say yes when necessary or when you’re excited about something. Hold on to this.
The shadow side of this card might’ve been that your self protection was out of balance if you had been hurt you may wanted to hide from others but trust itself is a journey that is earned so you may be surrounded by people who are slowly earning your trust. Alternatively, maybe your wondering about people who have lost your trust in the past, but if the prevailing instinct and intuition at the time was to sever ties and say no, then no was the right answer.
The mantra for this past card might be, “I have release a secret of myself and gave it only to those who deserved it.”

Present - Two of Pentacles
Two of pentacles corresponds with Jupiter in Capricorn. Some key elements are growth, expansion and flexibility in this card. Do you see a woman with her chest and heart exposed reaching for the sun? She’s activating her solar plexus chakra. Illustrated on this card represent the infinity traversals and the solar plexus, our power center, almost acting as the bridge between the upper and lower chakras. The planet Jupiter above is the main astrological player in this iconography and Capricorn takes part in coloration of this piece. Jupiter represents expansion and Capricorn represents determination. With both of these elements, you’re able to blossom from sturdiness. Our goddess pictured here and her pose represents the surrender to the flow of life grounded in the solid foundation supporting her as she bends. No matter how deeply our roots penetrate the earth and no matter how large our broad branches grow the most successful trees that persevere the test of time are fluid limbs, not brittle, they do not break, rather blow in the breeze. Change is our constant motion and when we receive this card we are being asked to understand the systems of roots and branches paired with external elements such as fire, water, and wind. We are in harmony however we must ensure that our roots grow deep and strong and that we have a solid place to rise from as we do this we should remain flexible to all things that come our way. The shadow side of this card may show us that if we are too rigid we will snap. And all of that effort and all of that growth will be for not, if we can’t continue to be flexible. The rigidity of our hearts may lead to resentment and apathy if we don’t maintain mindfulness. It’s important to stay hydrated literally and spiritually speaking. The mantra for this card may be, “My roots are there to help me sway safely in the changing winds.”

Future - seven of pentacles:
The seven of pentacles corresponds with Saturn in Taurus. Key elements include; feeling your downfall disappointment and hasty actions. Before we write off this card it’s important to understand that this can simply be a mirror for how we will react to a future failure and disappointment or downfall. It does not guarantee that we will fall or fail rather how we will react and knowing that this is coming we can prepare for this experience. Since pentacles refers to the physical realm these cards can have a lot to do with business but it’s not limited to work and in this case we may be coming across some kind of business relationship that’s going haywire or maybe something seemed very prosperous from the get go but has not illuminated itself. Conversely, maybe will feel impatient waiting for money or possessions and security to amass more quickly. Maybe we will be feel frustrated and annoyed at the steps taken if they are slower than we expected and slower than we wanted them to be. The shadow side of this card maybe that while we remain excited we also want to make sure were prepared for dealing with things that we are entering into. Being duped is never an enjoyable experience especially with money and other forms of stability are at stake. Remember there is no need to rush in to anything! Take as much time as necessary and ask all the important questions. The mantra for this card maybe, “In all of my dealings, I remain shrewd and aware.’ Think of the old hag, what would she do?

The throat chakra card is a perfect card for exploring authenticity, communication and leadership. The mantra for this card is, “I speak my truth.” A powerful ritual to activate your throat chakra can be through mantra, visualization and gemstones. For example, standing in a powerful pose with your shoulders up, gather all your gemstones like sodalite kyanite in your hands to help activate your throat chakra. Or if you’re not into stones simply imagine your throat chakra growing a blue bright blue light and with each inhale and exhale begin chanting the mantra for this chakra HAM pronounced HON. In yoga we practice drawing out the mantra for the length of each exhale. Find your volume; be loud and forceful with his chant allowing it to resonate all around you and your space. Continue to chant until you feel empowered to speak your truth! The correspondence with this card are; air, last quarter moon, and Aquarius.

Self - Versatility

Corresponds with air. Reflecting on our self or pulling this card may indicate a time where we are coming up with a lot of resistance could be internal or external. Sometimes we focus on one thing so intensely we push back on all other options despite being shown that the timing is off. Though honest reflection and honesty we might assess that the best option is to move on to other things and that the energy is freed up and you can go back to it when the timing is right. With this card were taught to be flexible, go along with what is being presented to us even if it’s not what we want rather than trying to force things that aren’t ready. It can also indicated the need for approaching situations differently. This card connects to the Rat. The rat has proven that versatility is the key to survival and posterity. Rats can be found anywhere in the world. They can be introduced to a new environment and they will adapt and reproduce quickly. They are incredibly hard to eradicate. By being like the rat we learn how to thrive in any environment despite it not be an idea situation. Rats are noted as being skillful, resourceful, calculated and social. Despite their negative reputation rats are also known for their prosperous characteristics. Their ability to adapt is a reminder that with determination there’s always a reward. The plant medicine connected with this card is cannabis. Cannabis has multiple uses and benefits. Sometimes we find ourselves in a routine not even realizing other offers and opportunities are available to us. Cannabis is one plant but there is medicine for physical, emotional and spiritual needs. And, also it’s function is not limited there but also for use as clothing, textiles, paper, house, food etc. every part of the plant can be used call upon Cannabis when you need help thinking outside of the box. The stone associated with this card is fluorite. Most people are struck by the shape that fluorite takes. It’s commonly found in the shape of octahedron. Harmonizing Air and Earth energies grounded any mental chaos call upon fluorite as an ally during times of quick transformation. Specifically, when you need to remain stable.

Reclaim was the other card then jumped out at me when choosing a card for Self. The guide book with this deck states that you were born a perfectly imperfect human with gifts, talents, medicine, wisdom, and knowing yet growing up in a culture that does not nurture these gifts creates misalignment with the highest truth. Reclaim your life process as it continues to awaken into medicine. You may find yourself confused as you remember and reclaim memories from past experiences or memories stored within you at a cellular level also known as cellular memory. We’re often drawn to places, people, experiences, and music that we know at cellular level yet our logical minds might not under understand why. This card asks you to follow your intuition trust your desires reclaim your knowing, your power, your medicine, and your healing are the joy, the mystery and the stories. The animal associated with this card is a panther. Panthers may appear lonely and simultaneously have an overwhelming confidence but panthers can be spring into action any second. Panthers are, in fact, incredibly solitary animals. They live, hunt, and travel alone. The work of recrimination can also be a lonely journey but the panther wisdom can teach us how to relieve our knowledge and medicine with power, grace, confidence, and appreciation of our solitude. The plant associated with this card is fireweed. Fireweed is a pioneer plant meaning after extreme fire this plant will establish colonies to repopulate the land and put nutrients back into the soil so other plants and trees can take root. As a plant ally she teaches us how to restore ourselves. After life takes a toll on us, we can learn our natural capacity to self heal. The stone associate with this card is golden apatite.Golden apatite is a helpful ally to those who have been worn down and may be feeling small. Inspired energy supports us and standing up for ourselves to reclaim our confidence. Many of us were raised to be small, humble and cautious. Golden apatite is a good guide for breaking free of these limitations focus on golden apatite when you need support in reclaiming your truth confidence and power itself.

Spirit/energy - Dragon
The dragon card shows us that the Dragon sees everything. Its essence has been with us since before our first breath and will be there after. Learning from it’s view we can easily drop in to witness consciousness. The dragon guide us as if we have been on its back for a ride. We traverse even the most difficult terrain. The dragon sees beauty everywhere. It is said that if any Yogi does not see beauty in the world their Agni is lacking. Agni describes the inner fire or the sacred intelligence within each of us. Dragons are the members of intelligence and is connected to the third chakra. The subtle energy of the dragon dwells at the Naval center at the solar plexus chakra. The health of the fire Agni or digestion is at the Naval center is what governs our ability to see both the inner and outer dimensions. This is the same chakra that was activated in the second card the present card above bringing us full circle.

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