New Moon August 2019

New Moon August

Past. Six of pentacles
Often symbolizes; Gain, abundance, overcoming, success, and fertility.

But the shadow sides of this card has other meanings. Perhaps old wounds have not healed. Five of pentacles chaos preventing us from seeing the potential waiting ahead of us. Or maybe we have in fact proven ourselves successful but didn’t even realize how abundant we had it.

Present. Death.
Often symbolized rebirth. End of a cycle before starting anew. External changes. And even death itself.

While there is always the slight possibility this card could refer to the death of a human. More often than not, in our daily lives we witness death. Every cell in our body dies and a new one replaces it. Sometimes we mourn the death of a career, relationship or experience but with all things comes closure and following our grief new space opens up for something exciting and unexpected.

Future. Lovers.
Key symbols: Duality. Self love. A world within. Relationships. Love.

In this story I see lovers as self care. Taking time to love ourselves so that we might better love others. Taking time for our own emotional processing so we can find our hearts desire and what matters most to us. Through this we can find a mirror in others reflecting our desires back to us.

Emotional and spiritual cards shadow and death.

The shadow card pulls on our emotions asking us to reflect on what was bothering us from our past. Even when we had everything why didn’t it feel like enough.

Spiritual death maybe the closure of a past believe or rebirth of awareness for me the synchronicity of pulling two death cards in one reading to to drive home the message that death is a gift. Without it there would not be space for new experiences, new ideas or even new humans. When we leave we nourish the earth with our cells allowing something else to take our place. Do not fear the cycle.

Jennifer Lind Schutsy