Full Moon August 2019

Friday the 13th and a Harvest Full Moon in the same day! With all this wild energy I did two card readings this month. One is for the collective and the other more personal. The first one I channeled the questions what can we release in the Personal, Professional and Emotional realms? Further below you can choose a card from left, center or right and get a more in depth personal reading to match.


Above; What can we RELEASE this Full Moon?

Personal : Saturn : Boundaries

Here the woman is pictured with her face covered, and it routinely triggers mystery and confusion. I read this card as it’s connected to Saturn who’s rings can symbolize human limitations and containment. How can I release self inflicted limitations and focus on steadfastness and unlimited expectations. By removing our personal limits we can progress to our higher self. This card can remind us to gain awareness and listening to what is being presented to us. What lessons can we finally release, grasping the understanding and knowledge and heed the message of our circumstances.

  • What message is being revealed to me on repeat, am I ready to let this lesson go?

  • What knowledge am I using to limit myself, is this ‘knowledge’ truth or lies?

  • Am I facing trials or tests, and how can I use these to find my edge and then push through it? after all, the only way out is through.

Professional : Page of Cups

Professionally you may be finding your strength or starting a new endeavor. And I’ve mentioned before with this deck, the illustrations on the Page of Cups contain a black obsidian pyramid rising with an ankh which is an ancient Egyptian symbol of a eternal life. Since the obsidian is a powerful conduit for energy and knowledge but most often used as a protector and can be a cosmic shield against negative energy. This card speaks of protecting yourself and finding your balance. Are you saying no when you don’t want to overcommit, and finding joy in projects you say yes to? If not, can you reevaluate your career decisions and find that inner voice of guidance? The best answers are always within yourself.
The mantra for this past card might be, “I have release a secret of myself and gave it only to those who deserved it.”

  • Are you sacrificing yourself for your work? (hint.hint. almost all of us are!) Where can you bring balance back into your life?

  • While in the workforce are you allowing your intuition to guide you?

  • Are you trusting your ideas and innovations and furthermore, bringing them into the physical realm?

  • Can you release the fear of starting something new?

Emotional : Queen of Cups : Emotion and Imagination

I was surprised to see the Queen of Cups here, her literal meaning is emotion. So when I consider what can I release here and pull this card, I hear we can realize our emotions from our bodies and let them go. This could look different with each emotion but maybe it’s crying until we have nothing left to give, or finding friends to giggle with until our stomachs hurt. Just feel that emotion and release it. Don’t like the sensation of it like anger or frustration, acknowledge it, label it, don’t judge it and hold space for it. Thank it and release it. Often when we are angry or frustrated it’s because something really is wrong. What is our body alerting us to that needs change? Holding on to negative emotions can cause physical pain in our bodies. We all know that stress can impact our health, so be mindful about which emotions you choose to hold onto.

  • What emotions am I holding on to, and do I know how to let them go?

  • Am I releasing these emotions into reality with mindfulness?

  • Where am I storing tension in my body from negative emotions? How can I move them out of my body?

Left : Speak Truth (smoky quartz) : Voice Chakra

This card is very literal to me, not necessarily in the words speaking from my mouth sense, but in the sharing our truth sense. Like let it out! Make the Art, Sing the Song, Do the Dance. Whatever you are hiding in your soul, let it out, the world needs it and only you can share it. Sometimes this might be easy for people to channel with wiring and speaking but for so many of us it can be in other ways, just sharing ourselves in our own powerful process is what this card is begging for. Red Clover is the herb associated with this card, find out about it’s magic and it’s feminine support and toxic removal from our systems.

Center : Paradox (quarts) : Duality

Receiving this card reminds us of the duality of life. There are two sides to every story and there are two ends to any spectrum. Acknowledge these two parts of yourself and how they make up who you are. Be aware of the lies you might tell yourself though, for instance we might tell ourselves about our personality and our beliefs but check into these and make sure you’re evaluating both sides of these stories we tell ourselves. Hold space for both of these and honor the effort and energy it requires to be so self aware.

Right : Nature (tourmaline) : Go Outside.

This card reminds us the benefits of nature. Even just looking at photos of nature can be calming to our nervous systems, imagine what good it will do for you, your stress and your imagination to step foot outside in nature. Find a nearby park or nature preserve and just be in the wild. It will activate your creativity and ground you into the present moment. Take note of how you feel connecting to plants and looking for animals in nature. I find journaling or drawing what I observe helps guide my focus on the experience.